Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Important Reminder Regarding Proper ACH Account Number Format

When providing your account number to a third party for automatic (electronic) deductions or deposits, you must use a specific 8-digit format in order for it to process correctly. Please use the guidelines below for the proper account number format. The “X” represents the digits in your account number. Please do not use the account number as it is provided on the bottom of your checks when using the format below.

Savings or Checking
3 Digit Acct #000XXX00
4 Digit Acct #00XXXX00
5 Digit Acct #0XXXXX00
6 Digit Acct #XXXXXX00

Please Note: For automatic (electronic) payments involving a loan, please contact the Credit Union. 

Providing your ACH account number in the proper format will avoid delays in processing your deposit or payment and any possible late fees.

Also, please note that it is the merchants responsibility that while requesting or depositing funds to the correct share, savings/checking, be coded. By properly doing so both 00 and the check digit after the account number will assure transactions are completed correctly

For more information contact a Team One representative at 989.754.6575, toll-free at 888.288.3261 or by using our secure live chat from our website.