Monday, August 11, 2008

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About the New Website

1. What have you done?

After almost 6 years of the old website, we've upgraded to bring you the information you're looking for right on the homepage. Navigation has been improved to reduce the number of "clicks" to get around our website.

2. Why doesn't everything look or work right in old web browsers?

Old web browsers were not built to comply with new web standards. The pace of modern technology makes even a year seem ancient at times. And to give you an idea of how outdated the previous versions of the most widely used web browser, Internet Explorer, has become:
  • Internet Explorer version 5.0 was released in 1998. Pentium II 266 mhz was considered a fast CPU speed. Today, 3,800 mhz is considered pretty fast for home PCs.
  • Version 6.0 was released in 2001 and only 30% of home users had high-speed internet. As of today, it is over 90%.*
  • The latest version, 7.0, has already been released for 2 years. Microsoft has announced version 8.0 to be released this year.

The contents of the new will be accessible on any browser, but the design and functionality will work in browsers that support modern web standards such as the latest version of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

3. Why have you done this and why now?

We have strived to design to meet the current web standards and be prepared for new web technologies and enhancements that will make our online services more secure and convenient for our users.

And most importantly, outdated browsers are simply not safe to use. The longer an outdated browser is used, the more time it has had for hackers to exploit security vulnerabilities that have already been fixed in the new versions of the browser.

As a financial institution that provides personal account access online, we are audited by security experts and follow government mandated rules and regulations, as well as recommendations by security consultants, to keep our members' personal profile safe online.

4. How can I tell what web browser and version I'm using?

Please visit our web browser detection page on our website.

5. Where can I download the latest upgrade?

For the best experience and security, we recommend the latest version of the Firefox browser at

The latest version of Internet Explorer can be downloaded at

Other alternatives include the Safari browser ( and the Opera browser (

Please note that while Team One will be glad to assist you with issues regarding and CU@Home, we can not provide technical support with issues or installation of software/hardware on your PC.

* Source: WebSiteOptimization